Friday, September 21, 2012

Pete Olson’s HPD Patch

Oh the humanity! This week over 200,000 Houstonians braved the crowded freeways to get a last glimpse of the last space shuttle to orbit Earth, the Endeavour, which took off from Ellington field last for a final flight leg to California.
Bitter Houstonians. Bitter citizens of “Space City, USA” who have been completely snubbed by the Obama Administration in its doling out of the space shuttle fleet: not one of the orbiters is to make its home in Houston, at the Johnson Space Center, where they have a real live Saturn V rocket on display, nor at Space Center Houston.
Instead, the Endeavour is to make its home in Exposition Park, in Los Angeles, California.
You know, Los Angeles, the nerve center of manned space flight.
Or should I say home of the manned space flight of Luke Skywalker, James T. Kirk, and Commander Krill?
And yes, this snubbing of the Houston area is deliberate. Houston, after all, rated a mock-up and not the real McCoy. And for good reason. Pistol Pete Olson is the congressman whose district includes the Johnson Space Center. Olson is congressman to the astronauts. And as congressman, Pete Olson has done his level best to see that Barack Obama not get a second term by maintaining the status quo in our economic recovery process. By voting against every bill that would help America, and therefore help the chances of Obama’s re-election.
As you sow, so shall ye reap, I think it says in the Holy Bible.
But I’ve mentioned this all before in another blog posting, so what’s new?
New today is the news that the Houston Police Department is mulling over changing its famous uniform patch. You know, the one with the logo of Earth and orbital paths? The one with “Space City, USA ” emblazoned along the lower border?
Houston, according to some in HPD, is no longer “Space City.” They didn’t even get a real live orbiter to show in their front yard. So HPD is taking its marbles and going home. No orbiter, no patch, and no more “Space City.”
Oh, but hey. Houston still has Pete Olson, doesn’t it? Heck, even I, living in an adjacent county, get to have Pete Olson as my congressman still. So why not just alter the patch just a little? Why not replace the logo with an appropriate new icon of the Houston Texas area?
My humble suggestion, should someone care to make the edit, is to change “City USA” to CADET and replace the image of Earth with Pete Olson’s smilin’ face.

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