Thursday, September 27, 2012

Must Be a Slow News Day

Well all I can say is that it must be a slow news day at the Austin American-Statesman if they have to resort to printing a story about, of all things, Republicans stealing Obama campaign signs off the front lawns of their neighbors.
"Doug McLean, who owned the sign, said he had lent it to his neighbor, from whose yard officials say Koble took the sign. McLean said signs had been taken out of the yard four times over the last couple of weeks, so he and his neighbor decided to stake out the property."
"McLean, 41, said he has video and audio showing Koble, who was walking down the street with another person and a dog, taking the sign. McLean said they confronted Koble, who McLean claims admitted he’d stolen the signs before."
I mean, really? This is news? It is news that a Republican will try to suppress the ability of a neighbor from making a political statement that opposes his own? My god, what's next? A headline story about the fact that a bright yellow ball came up from the horizon this morning?
Stealing political signage is not only commonplace here in Crazyred Fort Bend County it is expected local behavior. I do believe that if Republicans all of a sudden exhibited a respect for the sanctity of a neighbor's opposing political opinions, let alone the sanctity of his lawn, it will be a sign of the iminence of Apocalypse.

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