Thursday, September 06, 2012

Rep. John Lewis on Stealing Elections

I really liked Congressman John Lewis (D – GA) in his comments early this evening on his time riding with the Freedom Riders in 1961, and about how the overt oppression of white racists back then, in Charlotte, North Carolina, has once again reared its head in the South, and in other states.
Things were subtle back in the 80’s and 90’s when white racist pols would incite white fears over jobs and welfare. Things are not so subtle anymore. In states across America minorities are being singled out with voter suppression laws that Republicans hope to use to remain in power in the face of their dwindling numbers demographically.
This has got to be a big issue in this election, not jobs as Republicans would like to argue. Jobs are coming back. Not back fully yet, and no thanks to job cuts in the public sector (thanks to Republican budget cuts).  
And no thanks for Republican stonewalling of the Jobs Bill.
John Lewis makes the case that times indeed have changed, and we are heading  back down a short road to perdition once again.
John Lewis’ words are powerful because they are ones that come from someone who was there, and Lewis is in the best position to know the similarities between then and now.
Something this nation cannot afford to relive.

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