Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Occupy Pepper Spray

Remember just a year ago when the “Occupy Movement” was going strong and the law enforcement officials in various jurisdictions found a new hobby? Pepper spraying innocent civilians exercising their constitutional rights – and also a little bit of civil disobedience?

Remember the New Yorker women who were pepper sprayed while they were being held in a barricade?

Remember the UC students who were all sitting in a line with linked arms as a campus police officer methodically sprayed them all with gobs and gobs of pepper spray?

Those images still come to mind even a year later.

And now we are starting to see the legal fallout of wanton disregard for the health and safety of these people.

To the tune of a cool million.

250 large go to the lawyers to divvy up, and the rest go to the protesters who were pepper sprayed in this incident that we all remember well.

But guess who pays in the end? Ironically it will be the taxpayers that foot this bill. Not the Regents who oversaw and approved, not the Chancellor who ordered in the police, not the police themselves who were the true rioters in this incident.

The taxpayers of the State of California.

The 99%.

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