Thursday, September 13, 2012

Obama Haters Anonymous

I once held a position in a political action committee. As a PAC we often produced campaign signs, mailers and doorhangers. So I know whereof I speak when I say this.
When you put something out there that is politically motivated, whether it is in favor of a candidate or in opposition to one, you cannot do that anonymously. Just as you have the right to free speech, we the people have the right to know who it is that is doing the speaking.
I don't recall a single constitutional amendment that guarantees your anonymity when you make a political statement.
So recently I keep seeing on Facebook and other places more and more anonymous signs and billboards, signs and billboards that not only attack our president, but also promote his "not-ready-for-prime-time" opponent.
There are federal laws that require some attribution when putting out a billboard. When sending out a mailer or doorhanger.
The TEA Party faction of the Republican party skip that step.
Take a look at these beauties. See any attributions? Or are they all issued by the same organization: Obama Haters Anonymous.



Rhymes With Right said...

Actually, anonymous political speech dates back to the colonial period in US history. Many of the Founders wrote anonymously in the days leading up to the American Revolution. The Federalist Papers were written anonymously, to support the ratification of the Constitution. And repeatedly over the last couple centuries, the Supreme Court has upheld anonymous political speech as protected by the First Amendment.

But nice try -- maybe you can find a topic you actually know something about to post on next time.

Hal said...

It figures that a Republican would say it's okay to post a campaign sign anonymously when federal regulations forbid it. Laws don't apply to Republicans it seems.