Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Pew Poll: Eastwood Ties With Nobody

The breaking news is that as far as a convention speaker goes, actor Clint Eastwood has no peer. As a matter of fact, Clint Eastwood remains peerless in this latest Pew Poll  in that Eastwood has no peer because he is tied with Nobody.
Now this is good news for Eastwood who stands as the only living human to outpoll Mitt Romney as the convention watchers’ highlight of the Republican convention.
The bad news is that he tied with No Highlight in Evidence.
The bad news for Mitt Romney is that, at 17%, he came in third (again) behind Eastwood and Nobody.
Poor Mitt. When will he get some respect?
Especially now that the Democrats have had Day 1 of their convention and people of both Democratic and Republican flavors are saying that First Lady Michelle Obama issued a slam dunk speech, followed closely behind by Mayor Julio Castro and Massachusetts’ Governor Deval Patrick.

You know, it’s really too bad that they don’t run a poll for those who watch both conventions. I suspect that if the entire Republican crew were to be rated against just the first day of the Democrat’s speakers we would see even Clint Eastwood’s speech making skills fall short, and possibly become supplanted by someone who never actually addressed the Republicans at their convention, but who in his own terse way is far more eloquent than Clint, Mitt, Paul, or anyone else for that matter.
And who is this speaker that I refer to?
Anyone remember Clyde?  

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