Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Who is the Terrorist Here?

Now I know Mitt Romney really stuck his foot in it this time by going off half-cocked in his denunciation of the Obama Administration’s sympathetic remarks for protestors who pillaged two embassies, and murdered one of their ambassadors. I know this.
But I am more concerned about real people getting killed by the overt acts of Americans half a world away. Overt acts that are vaunted by Islamoracist Christian minister Terry Jones of Florida who applauds a rather shoddily contrived anti-Muslim YouTube  video.

Terry Jones, recall, is the religious nutjob who decided to celebrate 9-11 by burning copies of the Muslim holy book, al-Qur’ran. This endangered our soldiers in Afghanistan who were already in danger of losing life and limb.
Apparently, Muslims pay attention to what this guy says, and so when he praised the badly produced video on his website the video went viral and fomented the riots that resulted in real people being killed.
In other words, Terry Jones has graduated from incitement to being a bat-guano crazy religious nutjob to incitement to riot.
Now I know that Terry Jones has a right to free speech. So do I. But I cannot go into a theater and yell out the word “fire” or I will be arrested. Similarly, Terry Jones needs to arrested, tried and convicted for terrorist acts against our military and our diplomats who both serve overseas, and who have again been put in harm’s way by this criminal.

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