Saturday, September 08, 2012

Need to Get Obamaed Up?

Now that the convention are behind us and we await the onset of the Presidential debates, we here in the non-swing state of Red Texas have little to do but watch how massive amounts of corporate cash fund ad buys in 8 or 9 states. We can but watch since we are clearly on the sidelines as the Democratic campaign again cedes Texas to the TEA Party (the former Republican Party of Texas), and the ignoble opposition panders to voters in states that still have people living in them who can change their minds.
If you can’t change your mind, my Chinese fortune cookie fortune told me last night, why have one?
So again, Texas is a backwater, and bereft of the things we need to display our allegiance to the only national presidential ticket that makes sense for America, Obama/Biden.
But like 4 years ago, there are local places you can go to get “Obamaed Up” if you will.
If you are local to the Rosenberg, Texas area, you might take a drive to the quaint older part of town in Rosenberg, Texas, and take a look at the stuff they are selling at the Obama Shop at the corner of 8th Street and Highway 90A.
It’s a medium-sized building at the back of a really big parking lot. Word of warning: don’t enter the lot from 8th St. There is a bottom-scraping ditch at that entrance. Better to enter from Highway 90.
There you will be greeted by cheerful volunteer staff who will guide you to the places where you can get all manner of things to decorate your house, car, office, and, of course, self.
I’ve got my Obama/Biden signs all dusted off from ’08 so I’m OK, but if you want to show your allegiance to the Truth Ticket, this is the place to go and get a lawn sign. I haven’t found anyone who is selling my Obama “bobble head” figurine yet, but if I find out where I’ll let you know.

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