Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rosenberg Has an Obama Store In It

Get it? The blog title is a paraphrase of one of the numbers in “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.” “Texas has a Whorehouse In It.”
As in, gee, what a surprise.
Rosenberg, Texas is a sleepy little town in the far outskirts of the Houston metro area, and it is known for few things. One of the things that makes Rosenberg near and dear to my heart is the fact that the people in the town vote Democratic for the most part.
They are the 47 Percent.
So they rate a store, sponsored by a local Democratic club that calls itself the Silver Democrats of Fort Bend County, and the current county commissioner of Fort Bend County Precinct 1, Richard Morrison. Here you see a photo of the store front.

It is right at the corner of 8th St. and Avenue H (US 90A) [see map below]. 

Morrison is one of two Democratic county elected officials. Everyone else is from the party of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. You know, the Dynamic Duds.
I spent the afternoon there at the Obama Store – they call it the Obama Shop – helping out and shooting the breeze with the occasional party loyalist who happened to walk through the door.
Then something really fun happened. A quartet of Mormon (Latter Day Saints) Elders on their 2 year mission came wandering by. Well, first two arrived on their bikes, and then the other two showed up with the car. That’s right, you heard it here first: Mormon boys on their mission drive cars.
They wanted to have their photograph taken with them standing next to our life-sized cardboard display of Barack Obama. Marsha called me out there to take the shot so I did. Everyone was giggling themselves silly as we all perceived the irony of Mormon elders on their mission having their photo taken with the President, whose opponent in this year’s election is none other than the first Mormon ever to be nominated for president on the Republican side – or any side for that matter.
Then Susan yelled out, ”Hal, get a picture.”
Susan is always a step ahead of me.
So I whipped out my new Droid Razr and took this photo.
See? Nice boys. Nice smiles. I snapped it after I asked them to “Say Romney…”

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