Monday, October 15, 2012

El Mittster

Oh my.
Did you see Rosie Perez' video on Mitt Romney's assertion that he would have a much better chance to win his race if he were a Mexican. Noted Latina actress Rosie Perez is one chica desgraciata at how the Mittster was very flippant in his remarks to a well-heeled audience as they sat and laughed at his wistful remarks, knowing full well that they were meant to be disingenuous.
Rosie Perez basically called El Mittster out onto the carpet and, in her unique PR accent, made it known that he, very probably, lost the election because of this remark.
And if Hispanics have the righteous idignation that Perez does, and flock to the polls, I think she may have had uttered some prophetic words.
El Mittster quiere ser un Mexicano.

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