Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Finally A Poll Where Romney is Winning

Here in Red Texas I get to watch as other states elect Barack Obama to his second term. Nate Silver’s 538 dot com keeps upping the certainty that my president, Barack Hussein Obama, will regain the Oval Office for a second term, and upping the electoral vote count simultaneously.
But not here in Texas.
Here in Texas I am embedded within a hotbed of people who thirst for the leadership of a guy whose business decisions resulted in the export of hundreds of thousands of good American jobs to India the Philippines and China. Here in Texas we are surrounded by people who clamor for the “voluntary deportation” of the very people who build and maintain our homes, mow our lawns and process our meat food products. Here in Texas we hunger for a leader who will end Medicare and Social Security as we know it and blow up the national debt with yet another tax cut for the rich.
Yeah, right.
But nevertheless, here in Red Texas Mitt Romney is leading in the polls over Barack Obama by a margin that is larger than the margin that John McCain and Sarah Palin got in 2008.
Know what I think? I think there are a massive number of Texans who are settling for a guy they cannot be excited about, only because he is the white guy. A white guy for the White House is all about your Texas voter. God forbid they ever vote based on their own self interest.
And yes, I will be glued to the television unit tomorrow night ready and waiting for Mitt Romney to attempt a 10 large bet with Barack Obama over one issue or another. I only hope that Barack has the sense to take him up on it, whatever it is. Since leaving the private sector, Mitt’s betting instincts have really and truly gone further south than the Southern Cross.

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