Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sununu’s Racist Remark

Here is the CNN sound bite with Piers Morgan interviewing former governor John Sununu, a Romney campaign surrogate, when he congratulated Powell for endorsing the President because he, and both of them are African-American. On the end is commentary on the importance of focusing in on this nonsense.
Here is what I know about African-Americans who vote for Barack Obama. They vote for the president because he is a Democrat. They vote for the president because they perceive him as being more fair-minded to the less well-off. And they vote for the president because he is also African-American.
John Sununu congratulated Colin Powell for his support of the president because he is black. That was, of course a backhanded way of saying that Powell, being black, cannot help but support Barack Obama because of their common race. Such a comment belittles Colin Powell. And it labels Sununu the blatant racist that he is.
These kinds of things will occur again and again over the next ten days, supposedly to spread the word to those who haven’t heard yet that Barack Obama was born of a white mother and a black father.
All eight of them.

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