Tuesday, October 30, 2012

No Nehls

UPDATE: On my morning drive-by today I noticed that the "No Nehls" signs have mysteriously walked away from the early voting site. That is Fort Bend politics at its most usual.

Driving by my new favorite early voting location in Fort Bend County today I espied a campaign sign that I thought I’d never see again.
But there it was.
Here is the miserable excuse for a photograph that I took of it. Honestly, the world took a step backward when we put digital cameras in Smartphones.
Remember that sign? That was a sign that the Craig Brady for Sheriff people put out to oppose Troy Nehls in the Republican primary. A sign that did Brady no good because he got trounced by Troy Nehls in the primary, and is now faced off against Michael Ellison, the Democratic candidate.
If you need a refresher, and a better view, here is a close up.
Yep, that sign.
That sign which was a joke back in the primary but is true now. Troy Nehls might be a heck of a guy and a good law enforcement officer. I wouldn’t ever claim the opposite to be the case. What I question though, as should anyone who votes in this election, is whether there would ever be a single incident where there might be a conflict of interest between Sheriff Nehls and Constable Nehls, because Trever Nehls is going to be the 4th Precinct Constable in Fort Bend County, and there are levels of oversight that overlap in the county.
So while claims of nepotism on the part of the Brady campaign back in the primary were a laughable case of the pot calling the kettle black, this is definitely not.
So really, a vote for Michael Ellison is a vote against keeping it all in the family.

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