Sunday, October 28, 2012

October Surprise II: The Benghazi Connection

Fox News and Republican operatives are working fast and furiously on the social media networks to spew their lies and innuendoes over what truly happened in Benghazi that night last month when al-Qaeda terrorists used a non-violent anti-American demonstration in Benghazi to invade the consulate compound and kill 4 Americans, including the American ambassador.
The risks outshine the rewards. We very probably won’t know for months, if ever, what happened, and who knew what happened and when did they know it. All of this is now the subject of idle speculation on the internet, but only somel of it is meant to fire up the base. The base is already fired up and in all probability has already voted.
No, the goal of this whispering campaign that seems to have taken the social media pages by storm is to nudge the true fence-sitters in the election to vote for Mitt Romney, or at the very least, not to vote for Barack Obama. Because in truth, it has come down to just a couple of percent of the voters one way or the other. And the advantage will always fall to the biggest liar in the argument.
Lies that go unanswered get heard time and time again. Rock meet hard place. The only thing one accomplishes by answering a bald-faced lie is to lend credence to the lie. To lend authority to the liar. So all of these speculations on what might have been done, who might have known what, and why did Barack Obama just stand and watch them kill his ambassador on a 52 inch television screen (OK, maybe only a 44 inch screen)  are meant to raise doubt where none existed before. These detailed accounts of what our government knew and when they knew it are completely uncited.
Bottom line, if these charges were credible, where are the witnesses? The truth is that there is not one witness to all of these speculated events. Not even a "he said."
Republicans have effectively used the art of lying in past Octobers, and have even used them effectively among themselves (ask John McCain about his black daughter). October surprises are anything but surprises anymore. Even using the tragic deaths of Americans in harm's way is not beyond these vile accusers. 
As a matter of fact, I am still waiting for the big one.

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