Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Florida Governor in a Rolodex Ruckus

Sometimes I cannot believe some of the news items I come across. Surely this one or that one comes from The Onion, a website dedicated to Faux News.

But I guess not this time.

Florida Governor Rick Scott, in his quest to get information out to his constituents on a very seriously infected drug that is giving people often fatal cases of meningitis, consulted his rolodex for the “hotline” that has been set up in his state.

An 866 number.

Instead of the public information hotline callers to Scott’s phone number got a phone sex “hotline” of a whole other kind of thing.

Callers interested in finding about the potentially fatal drug were instead treated to “Hello boys, thank you for calling me on my anniversary.”

What is it about these southern Republican governors? First we hear news of South Carolina governor Mark Sanford disappearing for days “walking the Appalachian trail” with a Brazilian hottie, and now we find Rick Scott sharing his favorite phone sex “hot” lines with his constituents.

Apparently the elected officials in God’s Own Party are having trouble with a few of His commandments.

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