Monday, October 08, 2012

Register and Then Vote

Important dates to remember.
October 9th 2012 (that's tomorrow): Last day to register to vote for the November Election. If you are a Republican in Texas though, you don't have to register to vote because in Texas you are automatically registered to vote if you vote for the GOP (God's Own Party).
October 21st 2012: First day of early voting, or if you are a Republican you have already voted because you cast your 12 absentee ballots. In Fort Bend County, check the schedule here for times and places. Note that Sunday voting is not doable at many locations so if you want to vote with your fellow parishoners after church you may be just flat out of luck.
November 2nd 2012: Last day of early voting.
November 6th 2012: Election Day. Or if you are a Republican, it's November 7th.
Now here's the difference between my voting dates and those that are spread by Republican operatives to confuse low-informed Democratic voters. My voting dates, or rather the voting dates for Republicans are meant to be fun and in jest. In Republican information and flyers they are being deadly serious.

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