Monday, October 01, 2012

Vote Ellison

I just got a friend request from the Michael Ellison campaign on Zuckerberg’s website. Naturally I accepted because I consider myself a friend of Michael Ellison, FB or not.
I find it fortuitous that I received the friend request today because for a couple of days now I have been working on a little video that I hope many Republicans in Fort Bend County take a look at when they decide on whom to vote for in the County Sheriff’s race.
In Fort Bend County we are given a choice between Republican Troy Nehls and Democrat Michael Ellison. I hate it that the county sheriff’s race has to be a partisan one, hoping to reserve my vote for the best man in law enforcement, rather than the one who kowtows to a particular political persuasion.
I believe that law enforcement should transcend politics, a position that does not appear to be shared by a lot of Republicans here in Fort Bend County, to no ones’ surprise.
I also believe that of the two, Michael Ellison, a bona fide hero (ask the tellers at the New Territory Randall’s Wells Fargo office), is the better man to enforce the law in a fair and square manner. I also believe that Fort Bend County would not be best served in having twin brothers occupy two law enforcement political offices as will happen should Michael Ellison be defeated by Troy Nehls.
Because should that happen, a County Constable position, and the County Sheriff’s position will be filled by the Nehls twins, Troy and Trever. Trever Nehls is a shoe-in as County Constable, Troy has one final hurdle to clear in November. But in the aftermath, should voters in Fort Bend County choose the other Nehls brother, we will be faced with an oligarchy. Family rule. The checks and balances that were meant to be in placed by having separate and distinct county law enforcement offices will vanish.
And apparently a political operative in Fort Bend County, a Republican operative mind you, agrees with that notion.
Don’t believe me? See below. This is an edit of a longer video put on YouTube last spring at the end of the early vote in the Republican Primary. Karen Pearson, a political consultant of some local repute, openly opposed a cabal that would result if Troy Nehls wins along with his brother. Hear her words. This is what she said, swear to Jesus.

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