Thursday, October 18, 2012

Not Ready for Prime Time

“Actually Mitt is his middle name….I wish I could use my middle name.”
This is one of the self-deprecating jokes that President Barack Hussein Obama ripped forth tonight at the Al Smith dinner in New York City. My president knows how to deliver a line, and how to be classy. His opponent, Mitt Romney, knows neither.
Mitt Romney, at his funniest, could not be more whiney. Barack Obama, at his worst, could not be more funny. This is how we must take measure of these two men: by how much do they take themselves seriously, and what can you do to further your own cause at a charity fundraiser.
Mitt Romney chose the low road, and sniped. Clearly, he had no idea how to deliver a joke in this political season. Even George II had a better idea on how to deliver a line. Romney’s funniest line of the night, that he was the evening’s designated driver, was ill-delivered because one got the distinct impression that he was being serious.
Mitt Romney is not ready for prime time. That became very clear to me tonight. He cannot make light of himself because he is so wrapped up in himself. Mitt Romney is truly “The Simpsons’” Mr. Burns.
I still cannot believe that there are people out there seriously considering voting for this non-clown. This man is so humorless, so fake, so false.
Oh wait, that’s right, Mitt Romney is grist for the mill of the GOP. He is a poster child for God’s Own Party. The point they all seem to be missing is that, to me anyway, God has a very incisive sense of humor. He would awe us all in His one-liners. Mitt, in pretending to follow suit, hasn’t a clue. Mitt can’t.
Not ready. Mitt is not ready, nor will he ever be ready.

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