Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Allredber Surprise

Well that wasn't it, was it? I guess the abortion bullying story wasn't juicy enough. Gloria Allred is out with her October Surprise.
It seems that one of Romney's main donors, Staples CEO Tom Stemberg, got himself a divorce from one of his two ex-wives and Mitt Romney gave testimony in court for his friend, and Allred wants to unseal the court records.
Court records that were thought to be destroyed, unfortunately a whole bunch of people got copies.
No one knows what lies within the testimony but it has been speculated that it might contain some juicy details of Bain Capital's relationship with Staples.
As the Examiner, my source so aptly points out, how is any of this going to change anyones' mind? In the previous post, we all know that Romney was, and is, a bully. It is written in the annals of Romney's prep school past.
And we all know that Bain Capital has had a horrible effect on the lives of  ex-employees who lost their jobs, health insurance and pensions to the misdeeds of Bain Capital. We all know he put his dog on the roof of his car. We all know that he hired undocumented workers to work on his properties, and that they were summarily fired when he ran for president so they wouldn't be an issue, on say, immigration policy.
And really and truly, if character is a major issue with a voter, then those voters have already made their decision on Romney. Those who are truly still undecided will not be swayed by any revelation in this October Surprise. Because we all know how the low-informed ephemeral voter votes in presidential elections, and it usually involves flipping coins.

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