Friday, October 19, 2012

Republicans Vindicated: There IS Voter Fraud

So I have been howling at the moon about how Republicans are drumming up false news that there is rampant voter fraud out there and that we have to  be super vigilant and require a Photo ID in order to cast a ballot in our elections. Howling at the moon because as it has now become apparent to me, voter fraud is actually rampant in this country.
Take for example the case of Bruce Fleming Bruce is running for County Commissioner for Fort Bend County’s 1st Precinct. Flemming, it has recently been revealed, has voted in the past three elections in not only Fort Bend County, where he lives, but also in Pennsylvania, where he owns a home.
And in 2008 Fleming voted in the Republican Primary in Texas, and the Democratic Primary in Pennsylvania
Voting twice in the same election is a Class 3 Felony.
Then there is political consultant Collin Small who was recently arrested in Virginia for throwing 8 voter registration forms into a trash dumpster. Small was collecting voter registrations in contract work for the RNC. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus has just thrown Small under a bus. Obviously it is OK with Priebus to commit voter fraud by throwing Democratic voter registration forms into the trash, just don’t get caught.
Then we find that a company called Strategic Allied Consulting, working in Florida for the Romney campaign registering voters has been investigated for allegedly registering dead people to vote.
And in St. Augustine Beach Florida, its former mayor is bringing charges that a Republican voter has filed to vote in his county, but doesn’t actually live there, and is using the address of a Florida resident to vote in Florida, when he actually lives in Maryland.
Holy Crow. These Republicans were right all along. Voter fraud is rampant.
Republican voter fraud.
No wonder they were so certain that we had voter fraud in this country.

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