Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Surprise, Surprise, It’s October

Los Angeles family attorney Gloria Allred is apparently getting ready to unleash her rumored “October Surprise.” And from what I am hearing about it the potential to undercut Mitt Romney’s campaign at the 11th hour it should be about as interesting as watching grass grow.
It seems, according to sources, Allred is poised to pounce to reveal that Mitt Romney is a callous bully. Bullies women no less.
Haven’t we already heard about how Mitt Romney, at an upscale prep school, was a leader of a group of boys to cut the hair off of anoffending fellow student?
In each case, the offending student was a nonconformist, and in one case, the student was allegedly gay.
So, umm…this is Allred’s surprise?
I guess we get to find out tomorrow morning when she goes to court to get Romney’s testimony unsealed, and so we can view the court records of an event from Romney’s past.  Current speculation is that he bullied a pregnant Mormon woman who needed to abort her 8 week old fetus because of health reasons. She had been given an overdose of heparin when she had blood clots in her pelvis, and the overdose damaged her kidneys.
No telling what it did to the fetus.
But apparently Romney, as a church leader, most strenuously urged the woman not to have an abortion.
And apparently this issue made it to court.
But as I said above, we all know Romney is a bully. He bullies weaker boys, he bullies canines, and he bullies debate moderators. Now we hear that he bullies pregnant women.
Really? This is the surprise? Wow. I can’t wait. But I am torn between reading about this new wrinkle in presidential election politics tomorrow, and watching the grass grow on my front lawn.

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