Friday, November 30, 2012

A Republican Woman Chairing a House Committee?

Facing loud guffaws from the left over his unisexual decisions in selecting House committee chairs, John Boehner today announced the lone woman to chair a House committee: Candace Miller of Michigan’s 10th congressional district.
It’s the House Administration Committee.
Congressperson Miller said that she was deeply humbled to get the committee chair assignment. And I’ll bet she was a bit surprised as well as Rep. Miller has never served on the committee and has no experience in its workings.
But still, she’s probably happy to get any chair position. She has probably already googled it and found that one of its charges is to ensure free and fair elections in the United States, and she’s excited about that.
Except for the fact that it is the states that are in control of whether their elections are free and fair.
Congressperson Miller is also probably the first House Member in a long, long time to serve as a committee chair who never received an education beyond high school.
And I’ll bet she is one of the few committee chairs in recent times to have received a House Reprimand. This reprimand was for the unethical pressuring of a fellow congressman to vote her way, and Tom DeLay’s way, in the Medicare vote in 2003. Even better, when the altercation appeared on Ms. Miller’s Wikipedia page she is alleged to have ordered her staff to scrub that information from the website.
Lovely. Candace Miller is now a House committee chair and all because of the mirth from the left on Republicans’ troubles with the female of the species. Next time, my liberal friends, when John Boehner appoints an all-male crew to head the House committees, just let him, OK?

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