Sunday, November 11, 2012

Wingnuts are Having a Chat

Now, I think I have written before on this site that I do not watch Fox News. I only see them when someone else sends me a YouTube clip link or I see clips on MSNBC. The reason I don’t watch Fox News is pretty simple. It makes my head explode.
And now I am sure of it. There is a Right Wing(nut) chatroom right here that is chock full of people who watch Fox News, and it seems that what I suspected all along is true, because it appears to me that every single chat participant in that chat room has an exploded head.
It is, in short, completely nutso crazy.
The talk of the evening is getting an online petition signed with 50,000 signatures asking for an official recount of last Tuesday’s election.
You know, the one that Obama won by three million votes of actual people and 336 electoral votes.
They want a recount and they are absolutely certain of voter fraud. Certain of it. All of this despite the Machiavellian efforts on the parts of several state governments to keep “the dusky people” from voting.
And here is the icing on the cake. They aren’t watching Fox News anymore. They apparently suspect that Fox is in cahoots with the mainstream media, who all ought to be charged with treason.
I could go on with all of this crazyspeak, but it is starting to make my head explode, and the last thing I want to have happen is end up agreeing with all of these people, let alone contributing to their hopelessly naïve and unintelligent diatribe.
And I need to say it here because I won’t say it there: jlformitt, the word is not seeseede, it is spelled secede, and it’s not Lusiana it’s Louisiana.

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