Monday, November 26, 2012

On Getting Stuck Behind the Door

The Johnson Space Center in Webster, Texas didn’t rate getting one of the very few space shuttle orbiters to go on permanent display in places other than Space City (as the City of Houston proudly proclaimed itself). And I suspect that it was all politics.
Pete Olson was once the congressman representing JSC. And Pete Olson is a Republican who opposed the Obama administration in his puppet-like voting record.
So Pete Olson did not get a space shuttle for his district.
Now Pete Olson’s CD 22 does not encompass the JSC campus, and now, it seems, JSC is getting a 747. One of the 747s that served as a shuttle shuttle.
It was going to be used for spare parts, but since no spare part on the 747 was deemed worth anything, the next best thing is to give it to Space City.
Who else after all, can lay claim that they have one of the 747s that shuttled the space shuttle?
Now there’s some braggin’ rights.

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