Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Houston: the Next West Berlin

Have you seen all of the petitions at requesting that this or that state be allowed to secede from the union rather than tolerate 4 more years of a Barack Obama presidency? There’s one from every southern state and a couple of redneck western states. Oh, and New York.
New York, the state that gave Obama 3,875,876 (and counting) votes, that’s 62.6% of the vote, and 29 electoral votes.
But oh well, who’s counting.
Not surprisingly, Texas is in and among the crowd with its own petition, one that Governor Rick Perry, lately of the secessionist movement of 2011 has disavowed. And therein lies the present story.
Apparently there is a group of Houstonians who have answered to the Texas petition and have their own petition at beseeching the federal government to allow the City of Houston to secede from the seceders and remain a part of the United States of America.
The text is a delight to read.
“We petition the Obama Administration to: Peacefully grant the city of Houston Texas to withdraw from the state of Texas & remain part of the United States.”
“We, the city of Houston, think those asking for secession of the state of Texas are mentally deficient and do not want them representing us. We would like more education in our state to eradicate their disease. Thank you. Please help us with these people.”
Imagine the possible outcomes should all of these petitions be granted. Texas would become a sovereign state, or a state allied with other states run by delusional people. I even have a name for such an alliance of states: The Delusional States of America.
But Houston would be an island, a city within another country much like West Berlin during the bad old days of the Cold War.
Should another hurricane hit the area, Houston would have FEMA, but the surrounding areas would have to wait for private enterprise to restore power and infrastructure let alone get food and water to the impacted areas.
Should Houston become a haven for Texas escapees who tunnel under the Houston Wall to freedom (or education) they might have to endure an airlift program from the USA to bring in supplies.
And like the wall that these people want to build along the Mexican border, the United States will likewise have to build a wall between them and Delusionals. And not to keep their citizens in, but to keep the Delusionals out. Such a wall will not necessarily be forbidding in its structural soundness, but more in the way of a repellant.
I suggest one made of scientific textbooks and watchtowers blaring hip hop music day and night.

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