Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I Hope Hope Heals

Texas Secretary of State Hope Andrade is cashing it in after 4 and a half years on the job overseeing the election process in the state.

She claims it is just because she has other things she wants to do and is happy to leave office.

I hope so. But I doubt it.

Andrade oversaw a voter roll purge just short weeks before the General Election where the voter lists were compared to lists of the deceased maintained by the Social Security Administration. Thousands received notices that they had to verify that they were still alive or they would lose their registration.

This earned Andrade a brief moment in the spotlight as we learned of other such attempts to purge voter lists so that Republicans could win their races.

But here’s what I think. I think Andrade was coerced into conducting this purge, and those actually behind the effort to reduce the voter rolls ducked for cover when news got out and a lawsuit was filed, giving Andrade full and complete blame for the affair.

I believe Andrade was set up, and then made the scapegoat of a Republican move to do a nearly impossible thing: make Texas a redder state than it already is.

Hopefully Hope will heal, and maybe someday we will find out who was truly behind the voter suppression purge in Texas this past election cycle.

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