Friday, November 09, 2012

Looney Republicans Nearly Elect a Felon-to-Be

Here in the craziness that is the Republican Party of Fort Bend County Texas, we have an electorate that very nearly elected a man who will soon be up on charges of felony voter fraud.
Multiple counts of felony voter fraud.
Multiple if only the statute of limitations on voter fraud went beyond 2 years, that is.
Republican voters in Precinct 1 of Fort Bend County very nearly elected Bruce Fleming, a crony of recently elected Rick Miller, who has been shown to have voted twice in the same election in both Texas and Pennsylvania, and on one occasion in Texas, voted in both the Republican and Democratic Primaries.
That’s a 3rd degree felony. The first thing the county would have had to do was to hold a special election to replace Fleming, had he been elected, as he goes before the judge to answer for his crimes.
But it appears that Republicans also have low-information voters out there. They had a perfect opportunity to rally around and re-elect a competent public servant in Richard Morrison for a second term. But these people are so virulently anti-Democratic that they will even vote for a potential convicted felon instead. Morrison barely edged out Fleming by something like 600 votes, and that’s a smaller margin that got him elected in 2008, smaller by 200 votes.
I am nearly speechless. I can’t come up with words to express my outrage over the behavior of Republicans in my county. OK, I can come up with one word.


Lester said...

It IS ridiculous. Republicans ALMOST electing a convicted felon to be. Now, it's ok for Democrats to actually elect an actual convicted felon, they do it all the time. I bet this doesn't make it past moderation, though.

Hal said...

Lester, apparently you missed the point of the post. A person who commits a felony, serves his time, and then re-enters society as a free man able to vote CAN run for office, and CAN be elected. But a man who is known to have committed a felony, and will in all probability be convicted of it, will not be able to hold the office he ran for. That is the lunacy, Lester.