Friday, November 02, 2012

Why Would ANYone Vote FOR Mitt Romney?

The notion has occurred to me from time to time that Republicans are afflicted with the wrong man running for president this year. Even Ann Coulter, who I hate, commented that if Chris Christie or Jeb Bush are not the party nominees that Republicans will lose in November.
Republicans are having a hard time rallying around their standard bearer, Mitt Romney, because he is a flawed candidate with no core beliefs other than the fact that he believes that he wants to be president.
This came home to me big time this morning as I read my friend Susan’s status on Zuckerman’s website, that she was working validating the absentee voter ballots in my county, but overheard her Republican counterpart say quite loudly on her phone that she was there “to see that Obama [was] not re-elected.”
Get that? It wasn’t “I’m here to make sure that Mitt Romney is elected,” is it? No one is saying that.
Republicans are not voting this year FOR a candidate. In truth they are voting against the incumbent and will vote for a telephone pole for president if it means that Barack Obama leaves the White House next January. Because, in reality, there is little difference between a telephone pole and Mitt Romney in the area of likeability or in the area of self-identification with his core beliefs.
And then someone at the Obama campaign shared a photo montage on Zuckerman’s website that really and truly drives it home. Re-shared here (too).

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