Sunday, November 25, 2012

Starting to Get a Little Concerned...

Republicans and Democrats have apparently engaged in a game of chicken. First one side and then the other side has opined that going over a fiscal cliff wouldn't be so bad. Some have relabeled it a fiscal slope.
Need I remind everyone that the fiscal cliff was one that neither side wanted to have happen, a set of circumstances that is not palatable to any party. But now it has become a game of who blinks first.
The cartoons that I have assembled here reflect some of my concerns. But only one of them really and truly reflects what is actually going to happen after all of the speeches, gestures and posturing is done in DC: a temporary fix, a kick of the can.
That after all, is all we can expect of our congress, a hopelessly broken congress that does not reflect the will of the majority anymore.


judge chief charly hoarse said...

And Lindsey Graham is the 'voice of reason' on revenue this week? Let's remember that he is a recipeint of the Lucy Van Pelt award for pulling away the football at the last second.

Kenneth D. Franks said...

I am for waiting until after January 1st. Let the Bush tax cuts expire. Then in January we can restore some tax cuts without worrying about putting too much on the table now.