Monday, November 12, 2012

On November 6th, at ten minutes after 10 PM Central Time, every network news organization in the universe declared Barack Obama the winner of the 2012 Presidential Election, having won Ohio’s electoral votes, putting his count over 270.
Campaign advisor Karl Rove, however, wasn’t so sure.  Mitt Romney, in Rove’s rabid mind, was a shoe-in to win the thing, and a declaration of victory for Obama was clearly premature. I am thinking that Rove must have had Al Gore’s premature concession in 2000 in mind when news organizations gave Florida to George W. Bush, when there were problems too numerous to mention in the Florida vote count.
Bush eventually carried Florida by 537 votes.
Not so in Ohio. In Ohio, the vote wasn’t even close.
Obama beat Romney in Ohio by over 107 thousand votes.
But Karl Rove was adamant, and this vexed Mitt Romney even more than he already must have been. Mitt thought he was going to win, too, and had his transitional government website live and online. At Rove’s insistence, Mitt Romney refused to concede to Obama for what seemed like an eternity to those of us who could see that he didn’t have a chance after Cuyahoga County votes started coming in.
And now Bart Simpson is weighing in.

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