Saturday, November 03, 2012

The Early Vote in Texas is Done

Early Voting is a fait accompli in Texas. No more voting here until Election Day.
No “Souls to the Polls” occurs in Texas on the Sunday before Election Day. This is, after all, Texas, and Texas, a former Confederate State, knows how to keep its Black voters from voting after attending church services – a meaningful act that just does not happen here.
So the polls are closed and the totals are posted.
This year, a total of 153,090 voters cast their early votes, and from the voter registration number available to me from the July Primary, that represents approximately 47.8% of the total vote in Fort Bend County.
And including those who voted by absentee ballot, 20,535, the total as of today is 173,625 or just over 54% of the total vote.
That’s phenomenal.
In 2008 the total voter turnout was 68.6% of all registered voters. This year’s vote seems to be on track to best that mark.
What it all means, I guess, is for us to find out late Tuesday night.


Fenway Fran said...

May they all have seen the light. But that would mean being an optimist. BTW your verification thingys suck. There is no way to type in something that even vaguely resembles what they want.

Hal said...

Sorry Fran, I thought that I had disabled that feature. It's fixed now.