Saturday, November 10, 2012

Truth in Name-Calling

I am torn by a recent story that I read on HuffingtonPost about a young California woman who now finds herself a person of interest by the US Secret Service because of a status that she posted on Zuckerberg’s website. It seems that she used the N-word and applied it in context for a wish that the President be assassinated in his next term.
Quoting this often-reposted status:
Another 4 years of this [N-word]. Maybe he will get assassinated this term.
I am torn because the young lady obviously doesn’t know that when you post things on the internet, people read them, react to them, and yes, act on them.
And other people investigate you.
I am torn between that and the fact that the woman is being very up front in her racism where others have used code-words to convey the very same racist thoughts: Kenyan, Muslim, Food Stamp President, witch doctor, tar baby, take my country back, Barack Hussein Obama, Tiger Woods, spear chucker…the list goes on and on.
All of these other people get off scott-free hiding behind code words that mean nothing more than what the young woman wrote. They are just as racist, just as divisive, just as cruel.
White people can be very cruel.
OK, she went over the top then and wished for the president’s speedy demise. I’ll give points to that. But in the end, all of these racist references, coded or in-your-face, need to stop. Give it up. America spoke again, and again went for the Democrat and an agenda of freedom, peace, choice, and fair treatment.
Republican racists: STFU.

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