Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fort Bend CAD: Only Katy Area Will See Property Taxes Go Up

You have to hand it to the folks down at the Fort Bend County offices. They have their fingers on the pulse of the county. Coming hard on the heels of County Judge Bob Hebert’s predictions of “good values” in county real estate tax assessments we saw frenzied backpedaling as it was pointed out that these “good values” was based on used Kleenex and pocket fluff.

Things you find at the bottom of any Republican’s statistical basis once you remove all of the valid data.

Now, the latest entry in this saga is the prescience of Fort Bend County Central Appraisal District’s chief appraiser, Glen Whitehead, who now says that most of the county’s real estate prices will remain flat or go down.

Except for the areas around Katy.

Katy, part of which overlaps with northern Fort Bend County, is a “kind of anomaly” according to the appraiser. Whitehead sees Katy area real property as continuing its increasing trend unabated and unaffected by any national or regional downturn.

I guess that’s good news for most of us here in Fort Bend County. Our property values will not be inappropriately assessed based on data of questionable legitimacy.

That’s bad news, however for Fort Bend County residents of the Katy area.

These people in Katy, you know, with some few exceptions, have another demographic trend on top of their skyrocketing house prices.

They are what local Republicans refer to as “our base.”

Good luck on that Mr. Whitehead.


Anonymous said...

It's good to see we are all on the same page regarding Hebert and his cronies. It is sad that his family sits on water boards and the local GOP executive committee and his edc backers do the rest to shift costs from their membership to taxpayers in the local community while seeking abatements many of them don't need creating large holes in our local budgets. It's too bad these local GOPers can't claim the mantle of true fiscal conservatism, but they sure can claim the title of "corporatism" (corporate fascism ala Mussolini) right down to our undemocratic and unconstitutional HOAs set up by Bobby's BIG backers... (BBB - gives a new meaning to that abbreviation)...

Anonymous said...

Would be nice if we could get a new CAD board.