Sunday, March 01, 2009

When You’re a Jet . . .

Perhaps it’s because territoriality is one of the more primitive of human instincts, but I find it curiously refreshing that today’s high school students, vis-à-vis northern Fort Bend County’s Cinco Ranch High School students, have much in common with their grandparents’ generation.

Either that or they, and their grandparents, have and have had much way too much time on their hands and had little else to concern them.

Which seems odd, since from what I can gather from the news, there is much that should concern them. Like where they will be getting a job, or if they will be able to go to a university. Or to war.

But in the news today we find a dust up between Cinco Ranch High School students and students from the other high schools in Katy ISD. It seems there are some students, who write for the Cinco Ranch newspaper who object to students from other high schools spending their leisure time at “their places.” “Don’t they have their own places to go,” they ask.

Well when some of their grandparents were grappling with issues like the construction of the Berlin Wall, the lowering of the Iron Curtain, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and whether Banning the Bomb would be a good idea, others of them, like those characters that entertained us in “The West Side Story,” were arguing over turf.

Much like they are now in Katy.

From FortBendNow:

“The article rhetorically asks ‘Don’t they have their own places to go?’ It also contained student quotes suggesting that Cinco Ranch hot-spots such as LaCenterra and popular fast food establishments ‘belong’ to Cinco students.”

To these students, all I have to say is

When you’re a Jet
You’re a Jet all the way,
From your first cigarette
To your last dyin day.
When you’re a Jet
Let ‘em do what they can
You got brothers around
You’re a family man.
You’re never alone
You’re never disconnected
You’re home with your own
When company’s expected
You’re well protected

Then you can put your head in the sand
While your folks get laid off
And the banks go up end
When you’re a Jet
You. Stay. A. Jeeeeeeeet.

And, by the way, can we please reestablish the draft and get these kids out of the malls and into the streets where they need to be?

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