Thursday, March 26, 2009

Moderate Senate Democrats Threaten to Derail Obama Budget

Democrats are quite often their own worst enemies.

Witness a new coalition of 16 moderate Democratic senators headed by Indiana Senator Evan Bayh. This group threatens to undo the progressive budget supported by Barack Obama’s administration as well as the Americans who support Obama in his efforts to put America back on the track to economic recovery (64% last time I looked).

This group sees itself as the group that can provide a path toward bipartisanship. They can, they say, bring Republicans back to the table for some serious negotiations.

Obviously they haven’t checked with their Republican colleagues, who to a man and woman stand in firm opposition to anything that the Obama Administration proposes, has proposed, or will propose anytime in the near or distant future.

They say that they support President Obama and his effort to pass a budget and can bring the 60th vote in this budget deal.

They oppose, however, the tactic currently under consideration in congress, to use the “reconciliation process” to get the budget passed. A process where only 51 votes are necessary in the Senate in order to pass the budget.

Now why in H-E-double-hockey-sticks would they say that they support Obama’s budget, but oppose a tactic that would get it passed?

Could it be that this gang of 16 see an opening to take the power away from the majority, and become the power brokers in congress? What other reason do they have to oppose the “reconciliation process?”

If so, these conservative Democrats need to take measure of themselves and their positions, and ask whether they want to go down in history as the ones who drove their country over the economic brink. The ones who are responsible for millions of Americans being put out of work with no health insurance. The ones who condemn another generation of children to a life without hope of attaining a college education.

All for the purpose and the hope of getting more political power for themselves.

And here I thought this was something that Republicans were especially good at.

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