Friday, March 06, 2009

Obama to Lift Federal Ban on Use of Embryonic Stem Cells; Floodgates of Discovery About to Open

It’s all over the media, on TV, radio and in print. It’s here at The Chron. On Monday, President Barack Obama will fulfill a campaign promise to lift the federal ban on use of federal funds for the purposes of embryonic stem cell research.

An eight year hiatus in what is arguably the most important scientific work in human history is about to be brought to a close. An incredibly short-sighted, politically-charged issue with evangelical religious roots has all but halted important biotechnical research that has important promise for the quality of life, and life itself.

Now here is the good news. Scientists have not spent the past eight years sitting on their hands waiting for the ban to be lifted. They have continued their research, written the protocols, and have everything queued. Once the ban gets lifted, and scientists are free to use whatever might best help solve their issues, the floodgates of discovery will open.

A year from now, I wonder, what breakthroughs will be announced? What previously hopeless condition in the human condition will be solved by miraculous cures, all brought to you by human embryonic stem cell research?

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