Thursday, March 12, 2009

Perry Turns His Back On Unemployed Texans

It has been in the news, first that Texas Governor Rick Perry would refuse to accept the $555 million in federal stimulus money that would go directly to relieve the very folks who are suffering from the Republican-incepted financial crisis, then how he was going to think about it some more.

Well, he thought about it, and falling in line behind South Carolina governor Mark Sanford, Rick Perry slammed his fist on his desk today and said “Ditto!”

Leaving tens of thousands of Texas unemployed workers (voters) in the lurch.

And I thought he wanted to run for re-election next year. Geez, just goes to show you how wrong you can be about these things.

But not to be concerned - yet, the fat lady has yet to clear her enormous throat.

The state legislature has yet to have a final say, and today, by a 5 to 1 vote in the Texas House’s Appropriations Committee, they voted to accept the federal stimulus offer.

Republican Chairman of the committee, Jim Pitts, broke with his party, and its state leader, and voted for the federal funds. His colleague, Myra Crownower (R - Denton) held to her Republican principles that dictate total obedience to the party at the expense of Texas families, some of them Christian families, who are now in dire need of some extended benefits that the economic recovery package would provide.

The matter moves to the state house.

At issue, then, is whether the Texas House can scrounge up one more Republican vote to accept the federal funds.

What happens next is fairly obvious with a Senate that is controlled by a 19-12 Republican majority. We should see few surprises.

So one thing is for sure. The business favors and incentives that Texas has provided to enable mass migration of Americans to the state are still in force. Businesses can feel safe that Texas government will see to their best interests, and not those of their employees.

Ironic, though, that the recent mass migrations of workers to Texas due to its state government’s anti-labor pro-business perspective has been singularly responsible for the nonstop demographic shift that will one day ensure the election of a Democratic majority in the near future.


Anonymous said...

People are still covered as they were before. He's just not expanding the program.

Hal said...


Before the financial crisis set in last September?

It's a little like saying that the French were still as covered as they were before when they built the Maginot Line.

Then someone invented the Blitzkreig.

Coverage "from before" is inadequate and doesn't address today's realities.

But that's fine. Let the voters decide.

Anonymous said...


The Democrats share abosolutely zero responsibility for the financial conditions today?

If true, that means controlling both houses of Congress (as the Democrats have done since the last mid-term elections) is completely irrelevent.

Hal said...

Since when have Dems controlled both houses of Congress?

And it takes more than 50 days to undo 8 years of Republican-led deregulation. Even with only one house of Congress and the Executive under Dem control. It'll happen, but not on your schedule.

Anonymous said...

Flush the both parties and the D.C. boys....that is the only option. Erase the slate and start anew.