Monday, August 25, 2008

At a Watch Party in Rosenberg, Texas

Why do they call it a “Watch Party” anyway? When I was a lot, a whole lot, younger, when I heard that term I thought it was like a “Tupperware Party,” but instead of selling plastic containers that burp, they sold watches.

And it’s not like you have other kinds of “Watch Parties,” right? When people gather to watch the Superbowl they call it a “Superbowl Party.” No, the idea of a “Watch Party” is very definitely a political one.

So the Fort Bend Democrats had a Watch Party tonight on the opening night of the Democratic National Convention.

There was a potluck table.

There was lots of talking and trading of lies.

There were new campaign buttons to buy.

There was Teddy Kennedy.

And by God, there was Michelle Obama. Now it’s a school night so I had to leave before she spoke, but don’t think I would ever have missed her speech. I got back to the Half Empty Hovel in time to see all of it.

All I can say is “My God.”

If Michelle Obama hadn’t up to tonight passed the litmus test of her mettle, of her poise, and of her superior “brainiac-ness” I think there is little doubt in the minds of the millions who saw her speech tonight that she certainly has passed that test now.

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