Saturday, August 02, 2008

Fort Bend Democrats Headquarters: Day 2

And now there is an election presence in Fort Bend County. Two really. The Fort Bend Democrats successfully negotiated a 3 month deal to rent the office directly across the street from our 2006 headquarters, and the exact same space as our 2004 one.

The headquarters, a big old building at 4801 Avenue H (US Highway 90A) in Rosenberg, will serve as a geographically centralized Fort Bend County site that has room to store lots of campaign stuff, and a huge room where we can have watch parties.

But that’s not all.

This year we decided to rent another office in Stafford, Texas, at 1250 Texas Parkway, which is closer to the demographic center of the county. By doubling our presence this year, we hope to put Fort Bend County on the map as a developing Democratic bastion in a state that media talking heads are still dismissing as Republican Red.

So we’re going to be having 2 Grand Openings this year. Watch for announcements as to times as we get closer to the actual dates.

So how big is this Rosenberg place? Look over here for a before picture. Before we populated our headquarters with furniture that we had in storage, as well as furniture that has been donated.

Now scroll down for an after picture.

After the furniture was moved in, and after our small army left for home for a well-deserved rest.

Oh, and by the way, Albert Hollan, who is running for District Judge for the 434th District Court sprang for the burgers that fed our horde its lunch. Albert is one of my 6 readers.

Thanks Albert.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to add my thanks to Albert. It was a very7 kind and gracious thing to do for some very tired,hot, but enthusiastic Democrats