Thursday, August 28, 2008

Republicans: Be Wary of What You Pray For – It Might Come To Pass

I noted with not just a little mirth at Stewart Shepard’s unbelievable plea to his God on high to rain on Barack Obama’s parade.

He had all his bases covered but one: what if God replies with a counter offer?

Here is his video on YouTube:

Funny, huh?

If you watched the DNC closing night at Invesco Field (Mile High Stadium? Where’s that?) you would have seen deep azure skies without the slightest hint of a cloud of any kind.

The only rain that fell on Invesco Field tonight was confetti.

But wait, there’s more.

The Republican National Convention is scheduled to kick off on Monday, September 1st. At just about the same time as the opening remarks from their convention, Hurricane Gustav should be about ready to make landfall on the beleaguered city of New Orleans. A city that has yet to recover from Hurricane Katrina, courtesy of the Republican Regime in Washington, DC.

So at the exact moment the GOP convention convenes, the Lord our God sends a hurricane to wreak a repeat performance on New Orleans.

That should be maybe a little newsworthy, and not only draw national attention away from the Elephantitis Party and their lies, but it should again underline Republican failures that we Americans have had to endure.

I have to wonder what god Stewart Shepard prays to. Because He certainly doesn’t listen to Shepard. Apparently, Shepard’s personal supreme being is vested with an incredible instinct for irony.

And I do love irony.

Sure I am concerned for the people who are now threatened by a coming hurricane. I hope that they all get safely out of the way. These people have paid their dues and need a break. But maybe, just maybe, Stewart Shepard’s prayer has had an effect that he did not anticipate.


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