Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Look At What I Woke Up to Today

Tropical Storm Edouard made landfall in southeast Texas this morning about 7 AM just a little west of where Hurricane Rita came in three years ago. The storm track is a little different though. Rita pretty much went north. Edouard is going to be more difficult for us in the suburbs west of Houston. It’s going west northwest at about 14 miles per hour.

So it’s going to be a yuck kind of day today, but nowhere near as bad as things could have gotten.

The only ones who seem to be disappointed at how things are turning out today are the talking heads on the local news channels. These are my people. These are a Half Empty kind of people who always expect disaster. The difference between me and them, however, is that I express casual surprise that yet another bullet has been dodged.

To me anyway, these people really seem to be completely bummed out.

Kind of like Lena Horne.

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