Saturday, August 30, 2008

Teachers’ Unions Endorse Chris Bell for State Senator

Well now, in the midst of a Democratic Convention that finally wound down to a spectacular conclusion, I find out that former Congressman and Houston City Councilman Chris Bell has been endorsed not only by the Texas State Teachers Association (TSTA) but by my own union, the Texas American Federation of Teachers a “wholly owned subsidiary” of the American Federation of Teachers, proud members of the AFL-CIO.

And as a card-carrying member of the Texas AFT it is my honor to fully endorse and support Chris Bell in his bid against three Republican challengers in the Senate District 17 special election to be held with the general election on November 4th.

The good news is that in the latest polls, Chris Bell has a commanding lead in this pack, with 42% aligned with him. This is unprecedented. SD 17 has been a Republican sanctuary for eons untold. SD 17 enfolds the heart of DeLay country. And here we have Chris Bell leading the three Republicans in double digits. His nearest competitor is a guy with an unfortunate and unrecognized name, a guy named Furse, rhymes with hearse.

You might have noted a new icon that I have included under the campaigns that I support. Chris Bell will be a great state senator. Please click on the icon and drill down to the ActBlue page that accepts online donations to Chris Bell’s campaign. Or just click here.

It will be dead presidents well spent.

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