Friday, August 22, 2008

New Brunswick Roach Race Rigged

New Brunswick Roach Race Rigged

Fame is wherever you can find it, and in New Brunswick, New Jersey, fame has come in the form of a presidential roach race.

Apparently, they have been doing this for years.

14 of them.

There are some crazy, crazy people in New Brunswick. Cray-ZEE. Some pest control guys get two Madagascar hissing cockroaches to race each other down a six-foot long track. And in a presidential election year, they attach a caricature to each of them of the Democratic and Republican candidates, and then run them down inside the Plexiglas enclosed track. You have to wonder whether using a cockroach to represent both the Democratic and Republican candidates was the tongue-in-cheek editorial comment of an Independent voter.

As you will see, as I have the entire race in a You Tube embedded video, the cockroach representing John McCain won hands down.

Now, as a predictor of outcomes of presidential races, this particular event has a credibility problem. For one, it seems that in their 2000 race, the cockroach representing Al Gore won by an antenna.

And quite frankly, that roach carrying the Obama cartoon looked like it had just spent the last half hour sitting on an ice cube. I agree, the race was rigged.

Lesson: Republicans will use any and all devices to get their guy elected.

Even a Madagascar hissing cockroach race.


Marsha said...


Where did the video go? Did you remove it?

Hal said...

No Marsha, I didn't but sometimes YouTube has to take down videos that are uploaded from 3rd parties who snag the video without the permission of the original recorder.

My guess is that this is what happened here.

Not to worry, I found another video report from the New Jersey Star Ledger that may have more staying power than the Channel 12 News video. It goes into greater depth than the TV channel did.

And this is the difference between print and TV media. Depth and permission.