Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Texas Senator Cornyn Does NOT Support Our Troops

Take a look at this Vote Vets video. Our junior senator from Texas, Senator John Cornyn, does not support our troops, however many times he has his flacks say it is so. And his flack attack on this issue makes him look like Uncle Sam himself.

The only thing that is common between Uncle Sam and John Cornyn is a head of prematurely grey hair.

John Cornyn has a great head of hair and an innocent face. But that’s about all there is to that. His votes in the Senate have been, shall we say, challenging to our troops in the field.

And then he voted against the GI Bill of Rights.

No. It’s too late. Don’t call Senator Cornyn. He is NOT LISTENING.

Instead you need to listen to Lieutenant Colonel Rick Noriega, and then when you have convinced yourself that this is the guy who is the real deal, then commit your vote to him, and tell your friends to follow your lead. Tell them to get what dead presidents they can to his campaign. Cornyn is loaded. He will buy this seat back with his oil and PAC dollars if we remain apathetic.

Yeah. [very low gravelly Texan-accented voice] “Git ‘er done”.


Clark Bowers said...

P.S. I would hate to see the one sided views you teach your students.

Maybe you should try being objective rather then a complete lair to the public.

Hal said...


I have two rules for comments.

1. No personal attacks
2. No foul language

Clark, what's a "lair to the public"?