Saturday, August 09, 2008

Registering Voters in Fort Bend County – Day One

Today was a good day in Free Fort Bend as we registered voters in Rosenberg, Texas must necessarily refer it. When I say “Free Fort Bend,” I refer to both the Democrat Shack in Rosenberg that is now open for business, and our new annex in Stafford.

Because outside of the boundaries of “The Shack” and "Shack Annex", Fort Bend County is still paralyzed by the monolithic rule of the Republican Party.

But in “The Shack” we have Obama T-Shirts for sale, as well as bumper stickers, a huge variety of buttons (the one that I really like has the images of both Barack Obama and Rick Noriega). And do we have yard signs.

In “The Shack” we have a refrigerator full of cool drinks and popsicles.

In “The Shack” we have Free Democrats full of Hope for that Change that will come.

And in “The Shack” we have 45 new Democratic voter registrations.

Another day like today and we will flip that precinct from red to blue.

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Anonymous said...

How about calling it "The Democrats Den" ?? It looks pretty cozy and comfortable to me.