Friday, August 08, 2008

MoveOn.Org Ain’t From Around These Parts

Now having spent some time in the oil industry, I know from first hand experience that the calls to “Drill Now” have all of the substance of belly button lint. But apparently my view is in the minority because of someone’s poll that says that 70% of Americans think that to “Drill Now” is a gosh darn good idea.

And since Texas is still a place where oil is king, you are more likely than not going to find lots and lots of people here who are in lockstep agreement with that 70%.

So it comes as no surprise that the anti-oil radio spots that have been funded by, ads being aired in several areas around Texas, as reported in Politico, are being greeted with sheer glee by the NRCC. is targeting several Texas Republican congressional incumbents with these ads. Ads that condemn these congressmen for supporting the call for opening up all areas of America’s OCS (Outer Continental Shelf) to petroleum exploration.

Unfortunately, MoveOn seems to have a poor grasp of the political scene here in Texas. What plays well in Santa Barbara does not necessarily have the same effect in Midland-Odessa, where one of their congressional targets, Mike Conaway, is from. Said a spokesman for the NRCC:

“We wholeheartedly endorse this colossal waste of funds. Not only is’s anti-drilling position out of step with 70 percent of Americans, but a member like Mike Conaway who represents the Texas oil patch will probably see his approval rating surge upward as a result of these ads.”
Conaway faces no Democratic opponent this fall.

But the same cannot be said of Congressman John Culberson of Texas CD 7. Culberson represents a “Republican safe” district where Bush received 64% of its vote in 2004. The same cannot be said of him, because this year he faces spirited and well-funded opposition by wind power executive and millionaire Michael Skelly. Politico calls Skelly “a credible contender” who has gone on record as condemning the MoveOn radio ads.

Skelly, like many other Democrats in Texas, favors offshore drilling and has, with my own congressman, Nick Lampson, has called on congress to end the offshore drilling moratorium.

And it seems that, the darling of the liberal left, has had the welcome mat yanked out from under their feet at Skelly’s campaign. As reported on The Hill, Skelly himself has remarked that it was “time for MoveOn to move out of Texas.” It seems that nothing could please the Culberson campaign more than have Skelly and MoveOn waltzing together toward certain defeat in November. What Skelly doesn’t need right now is even the suggestion of an alliance with MoveOn. If he hopes to attract the votes of Independents and disaffected Republicans, that is.

So instead of a polite “No Thanks” from the Skelly campaign, MoveOn received what can most adequately termed an “H-E-double-hockey-sticks No Thanks”.

A “No Thanks” as in a “Don’t let the sun set on you here” No Thanks.

Said loudly, and with authority.

My guess is that the left wing of the Democratic Party is going to take this reaction as wrong-headed, and maybe a little over the top. To these people I have only this to say: “What the H-E-double-hockey-sticks did you expect?” Michael Skelly finds himself running in a conservative district, albeit against a man who has been closely associated with my former discredited congressman, Tom DeLay. In fact, Culberson’s money troubles are largely due to the fact that the DeLay Money Tree has withered and died.

But the point is, Skelly can’t be seen associated with lefties or he is dead meat in November.

If anything, Skelly has done the left wing of the party a huge favor. A favor that I wish Nick Lampson had done for me, now that I have 20-20 hindsight. There are lots of campaigns and causes that can attract liberal dollars. Lots of campaigns that need liberal activist boots on the ground.

Skelly has simply identified his campaign as one that doesn’t.

And that’s fine. Skelly has the vote of the left wing of the party in CD 7, that is a certainty. We generally vote a straight Democratic ticket anyway. What he shouldn’t have though, are the funds, the sweat, and the labor of the left wing, and we need to thank him for making this known to us. This will save us a lot of angst should he win the election and start casting his votes from the “center aisle.”

Now we know that we have better things to do.


John Coby said...

This just gives all the leftys an excuse not to walk in the hot sun.

Not that they were going to walk in the first place.....

Anonymous said...

Liberals are just as committed as anyone and you know that, John! That was simply below the belt and I am surprised to find that kind of crap coming from you.

But whatever, if you think cheap shots are a good idea, go for it. I've long maintained the Democratic Party is no place for Progressives anyway, we are taken for granted, our money is welcomed, just as long as we shut up.

We are promised the moon, but it doesn't happen, kinda like FISA. "If that's a deal breaker, that's OK" says the presumptive nominee, about his support for immunity, after swearing multiple times to oppose any such bill.

We really do need more Blue Dogs to vote with the Republicans whenever it really counts, so nothing changes. That's what the so called "Center" is all about, isn't it? Stasis.