Saturday, August 23, 2008

DCCC Is Again Riding Shotgun for Nick Lampson

Texas CD 22 is a congressional district targeted for a retake by the Republicans. Nick Lampson was placed at the top of Karl Rove’s “hit list” of Democratic congressmen. And the Republican Party looked deep for a credible candidate besides the one that they sent to Congress in December 2006 to serve out the term of discredited congressman Tom DeLay.

They found one in Pete Olson, a Phil Gramm/John Cornyn sycophant who was once a Navy pilot.

But Pete Olson is a virtual unknown outside of the Washington, DC beltway. A fact that has escaped the notice of the DCCC which now has an ad up and playing on the Houston area media. Amazingly, I keep seeing it played on my cable feed of MSNBC.

So what is possibly on the minds of DCCC people when they take an unknown guy like Pete Olson and plaster his name and photograph all over CD 22 television screens. On this 30 second ad:

Their contention is that Pete Olson wants to “raise your taxes.” Raise your taxes with a 15% increase in sales tax. This is something that the Republicans are calling the “Fair Tax,” something that Pete Olson endorses as a replacement for federal income tax.

So my objection is two-fold. First, why spend tens of thousands of dollars informing the public who Pete Olson is, even if you paint who he is in a bad light. Second, why resort to Republican/Rovian tactics of sound bites with half-truths. Some of my cohorts will disagree, but I still believe in integrity.

Nick Lampson is going to have a hard enough time retaining his seat this November without the DCCC informing the public so well. They have bought into the notion that Republicans will vote for someone based on ideas. Based on how someone votes. Based on some sort of thought process.

No, the DCCC made this mistake in 2006 and it nearly cost Nick Lampson his race against a write-in candidate. Now they’re at it again. And again, this could put CD 22 back in Republican hands. This, in a year when Democrats are expected to make huge gains in November.

Harry Truman said it best when he said this:

“When voters are given a choice between voting for a Republican, or a Democrat who acts like a Republican, they'll vote for the Republican every time.”

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