Saturday, August 23, 2008

Biden Biden Bo Biden Banana Fanna Fo Fiden

Me My Mo Miden . . . Biden

In the end, do you know why Barack Obama didn’t, couldn’t and wouldn’t pick Hillary Clinton as his running mate?

Here is why:

This is the hit piece that the McCain Campaign came out with today on the news that Barack Obama has named Delaware Senator Joe Biden as his running mate.

This is the best they can do.

Can you imagine what they would have come up with had Hillary Clinton been given this spot? Not only Hillary’s vociferous attacks on Obama, but also attacks from a former President.

That being said, what is all this guff about Clinton delegates circulating a petition to put Clinton’s name in nomination for Vice President? These people are either completely at sea, a full bubble off, and not firing on all pistons, or they are McCain operatives – Republicans who got themselves invited to the Democratic Convention.

It has got to be option two.

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