Monday, March 01, 2010

Help. Republicans Keep Robo-Calling Me

Today I saw the ominous blink of my voicemail light again announcing that I had received another message.

I think it blinks ominously, somehow, when the message it holds is a Robo-call from some Republican or another.

Today it was from Rick Forlano and it instantly peaked my interest because he listed in order, 3 endorsements. Two from two local newspapers, and the third from Sheriff Milton Wright no less.

Now I can understand him wanting to tout the newspaper endorsements but given what we read in the Fort Bend Herald, one of his endorsing newspapers, I wondered whether Forlano was just inviting not just a little bit of trouble.

Wright has become something of a controversial figure, it seems, in his endorsements. Some would say downright wacky.

Anyway, for your edification, I am going to share Forlanos’s robo message in this You Tube presentation.

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