Friday, June 04, 2010

$50 Million in BP Cash Goes Toward Sprucing Up Its Image

Have you seen the new BP television ad that is going out – a little belatedly some say – on the airwaves this week? In case you haven’t I cadged the YouTube embed code and have the whole thing below.

That ad, and apparently more to come, is not the brainchild of their regular advertising company but of a pair of political consultants who run DC-based Purple Strategies. A company that is said to be getting at least $50 million from BP to promote their soiled image.

Now admittedly using BP’s CEO, Tony Hayward, as the spokesman is probably the right thing to do – who better to apologize to America than the guy who is ultimately responsible for the murder of 11 oil workers and the destruction of the Gulf ecosystem – but right now this seems to me to be a stupendously bad idea.

BP’s name is drilling mud right now and they should have to weather this storm just like the people whose lives have been temporarily or even permanently altered. No, they don’t get to spend the money we give them by using their products to promote themselves. Not right now.

The analogy to this is a bank robber who kills 11 bank employees in commission of the act and then using the money he stole from the bank to go on TV and apologize for killing them so maybe he can get a sympathetic jury.

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